Group Therapy

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“People who are successful in groups are successful in life.”*

  • How well do you "play" with others?
  • Are you trusting, walled off or boundary-less?
  • How well do you talk about thoughts and feelings when you are frustrated with someone or angry?
  • Do you worry more than you should about what others will think of you?
  • Can you be vulnerable with fellow group members?
  • Are you able set up emotional boundaries when someone is angry with you?

One primary goal of group therapy is to learn to be more intimate with others in a non-physical manner. Group therapy is also a powerful tool for accessing the various parts of ourselves that get stirred up when we see them in others.  It teaches us to be vulnerable enough to share our thoughts and feelings in relationship to each other and with the therapist leading the group. The goal is to be able to express positive and negative feelings - love, anger, attraction, envy, longing - in a constructive manner. When a group is functioning at its best the focus is on what is going on in the room, the "here and now." Of course, talking about outside issues and relationships is part of the process, but bringing it back inside the room can be the most emotionally powerful experience.

In-office groups, as well as online Zoom groups, are available.  Please contact me for more information.  


*Source: Center for Group Studies in New York