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Stay in the moment. Step forward. Trust yourself. Repeat.

People seek psychotherapy for many different reasons. 

My vision as a psychologist is to empower others toward greater happiness, creativity and more fulfilling relationships.

In my practice, I have found that shame and fear of judgment are huge impediments to being able to talk freely, openly and honestly about what you think and feel, or about how you behave in life.  However, I tell patients that there is no right or wrong - there is no “normal.”  (In fact, one of my favorite books is called On Being Normal and Other Disorders by Paul Verhaeghe.)

Suffering, a desire for increased self-awareness, guidance, direction - these are just a few of the reasons patients come to me, and the therapeutic approach I take with each of them is unique to their needs. As a psychoanalytic psychologist, I collaborate with individuals to bring about personal and interpersonal changes that leads to overcoming obstacles and reaching goals.

The following are the types of therapy I offer in my office or coaching via Skype from your home or office.  You may click below or contact me to learn more.